Parabola Verifier

Parabola Verifier is a powerful but lightweight software tool for the validation and checking of HEVC bitstreams and assurance of conformance to the standard. With hundreds of different syntax, semantics and data dependency checks, Verifier is designed to provide confidence that encoded bitstreams are wholly compliant in every testable aspect.

It is not enough to test content by decoding it. Many decoders, especially those implemented in software, are designed to be tolerant of problems with the bitstream but an error tolerated by one decoder might cause artifacts or a crash in another fully functional and conforming decoder.

Parabola Verifier provides assurance that encoders and content are standard-compliant and minimises the risk that content encoded today be incompatible with future devices and decoders. The software is typically used at scale for content QA and for automated testing of HEVC encoders.


Key Features


Our Windows installer contains a trial version as a scriptable "ParabolaVerifier.exe". Please contact us for pricing information and for details of the Linux and OEM editions.


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