Parabola Explorer

Parabola Explorer is a comprehensive bitstream analyzer for HEVC. It gives an unrivalled insight into inner codec workings via an intuitive user interface backed with powerful, multi-faceted analysis of video bitstreams.

Comprehensive Bitstream Analysis

In the hands of video codec engineers, Parabola Explorer accelerates development and debugging while helping to ensure standards-compliance. Engineers can be more efficient and hours wasted to frustrating problems or cumbersome instrumentation are drastically reduced. Parabola Explorer helps teams communicate video bitstream issues visually and is a powerful learning aid for people new to HEVC.

The product datasheet linked below provides details of features available in Parabola Explorer Pro and Essential editions. Essential may be purchased online - please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a license for the Pro features.

Key Features

“Parabola Explorer looks great; I love the error message displays (especially which paragraph from the standard) and the motion vector overlay”    “We evaluated Parabola and found it much better than other products as .. (very expensive) and .. (poor GUI)”    “Parabola Explorer’s excellent visualisations help me explain HEVC to non-experts”


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